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April 20, 2015

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June 30, 2015



 On September 1st, 2014 I harvested a giant mule deer with my bow. At the time I figured he would score in the top 5 in the world, I had planned on leaving the velvet (I really love the looks of the velvet bucks) but after having the deer scored by an official measurer with over 30 years of scoring experience I was told there was a very good chance of this deer to be the new world record. I really didn't want to strip the velvet and struggled with the idea but to enter the deer for world record recognition he would have to be striped so after much thought I decided to go ahead and strip him. After the 60 day drying period (11-1-15) the deer was PANEL SCORED for P&Y (by 3 measurers with over 65 years combined scoring experience) and for BOW HUNTING IN ARIZONA record book. They came up with a net score of 207 5/8 of which would place this deer as the new P&Y world record.

This score was submitted to P&Y and I received a certificate from P&Y that  confirmed the score of 207 5/8. After receiving the certificate I was glad I decided to go ahead and strip the deer. 

   Nearly 4 months later (2-28-15) the deer was scored for the biennium banquet and was scored at 204 7/8, I find it hard to believe that the rack shrank 2.6" in a four month period after the initial 60 day drying period.

   After getting my deer rack back from the P&Y biennium banquet I was still unclear about the discrepancy so on 3-8-15 now a little more than 6 months gone by I had a 35 year veteran B&C measurer score it, he did not look at the previous score so he had no idea of what the previous score was. He came up with 206 0/8. Due to this buck being in contention for a World Record and the large discrepancy I petitioned the P&Y measurer chairman to review the biennium score of 204 7/8 and remeasure the deer. My request was turned down.

      It is stated in P&Y literature under title WHAT IS PANEL JUDGING? that an Intricate Process is in place that takes into account normal shrinkage from the time of initial measurement and record book acceptance, to arrive at the animal's permanent final score and ranking.

I also brought this up to the records chairman and he said the intricate scoring system did not apply to potential world records. I researched this checking out the P&Y by-laws and measurers handbook and there is no where on record that says that the intricate system does not apply to a potential W.R. what it does say is that there is an Intricate System in place for animals near or at the top of the record book.

     With all the frustration with P&Y I decided to contact Boone & Crockett and check out their rules and reg's for potential W.R. entries. I contacted Justin E. Springs (Assistant director-big game records.) via email, he told me if they  receive a score for a potential W.R. animal they will form a panel to travel to the location of the potential W.R. after the 60 day drying period and score the animal right away so there is no question about additional shrinkage, he also said if that is not possible they will take the 60 day score of the initial measurer and if there is no mathematical mistakes and no abnormal shrinkage they will give the animal the rightful score at the end of the 60 day drying period. In my opinion this is the proper procedure, this way all animals are treated the same. In my case where I took my buck with a bow and he was in velvet his antlers are very green and will shrink much more than a hard horned animal. This being said if you harvest an animal on an off biennial year it is almost 1 1/2 years before the biennium panel puts a tape on it and the shrinkage is going to be a lot more on a velvet animal than on a hard horned animal, that's why B&C has it right, they score the potential W.R. animal right after the 60 day drying period or if not possible they go back to the measurers score of 60 days and not 1 1/2 years later.

    I was assured by Mr. Springs that my deer would be entered into B&C at the 60 day period of 207 5/8 and the buck  will also be entered into the Arizona Bowhunting Record Book as the Arizona state record (207 5/8) so at the end of the day the buck will be the largest typical buck harvested with a bow (on record) taken in the U.S.A. but will miss W.R. recognition by 1/8 of an inch. We have a discrepancy between B&C 207 5/8 and 204 7/8 P&Y. Very disappointing. I hope in the future that P&Y will work out these differences.

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