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Easter Shed Hunting Trip With The Kids!

April 20, 2015

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Antler Trader DIY Custom Hunting Trailer!

April 8, 2015









Here  at Antler Trader we are so Crazy about sheds that several of our staff members have built Custom Shed Hunting Trailers. These trailer are built to get you and your gear deep into the Back Country. We have built them to haul 4-wheelers and all camping equipment in comfort and security. You could just call them a Hunting Trailer in general. We have all started off with different sizes of Mirage cargo trailers. First comes first, they have all had spring over axel lift kits followed by upgrading the tires to Kelly Safari mud truck tires. This defiantly helps us navigate to secluded camping spots and our favorite winter ranges. Our new and improved trailers have now increased ground clearance and approach angles for less hold ups on the dirt.


Now that we had the spring over lift kits on the trailer, we needed to add an external heavy duty storage box for the tongue of the trailer. This box will be used mainly for propane and battery storage. Obviously there are many pre made options here but we chose to make ours out of 1/4″steel. There was a lot of man hours involved in cutting, grinding, shaping and welding with these boxes. My advice would be to shop around for a pre made box  having gone through it already.

Inside the trailer, we decided to cover the floors and door ramps with linoleum squares. To attach these square we just used standard linoleum adhesive, but be sure to sand and clean before placement. The sanding did not end there though, the walls were in need of sanding as well. The walls were just sealed and stained with your typical stain and sealer in one.


Since we plan on taking these trailer just about anywhere they will fit on dirt roads making them air tight is a must. I went through an entire box of silicone to fill all cracks and joints throughout the floor, walls and ceiling. Trust me you can not use to much of the silicone and it will save you hours of cleaning time down the road. Lets move on the the hardest project, the ceiling of the trailer. With your standard Mirage trailer you do not get any type of a ceiling so we had to learn by trial and error here. List of what parts you will need for the ceiling (most of these products can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot): 1. You will need heavy aluminum strap at least 2.5″ wide and as long as your trailer is wide. 2. Enough standard rolls of insulation to cover the entire ceiling. 3. A box of .75″ Self taping metal screws. 4. two rolls of standard aluminum flashing 5. 3 very flexible .25″ sheets of ply wood. Once you have all of these items try and grab someone to help you because this is a two person job. First, cut the required length of insulation needed to cover the ceiling adequately. To much rather than just enough should be your mind set here. Quick tip, Once these lengths of insulation has been cut tie two disposable strings into the frame to help hold the insulation up (see picture above). You will need one person to hold the ply wood sheets while the other anchors the metal screws into the ceiling frame cross members. Keep in mind that depending on the type of trailer you have you may have to cut holes for the vent. We did add an element to help pressurize these trailer while driving on dirt roads. We found that this makes your trailer almost dust proof and again cuts back on many hours of cleaning after every trip. This was a simple dry vent that you would use on your home.  Once these sheets are hung take the aluminum strap and anchor the pieces of ply wood to the frame with them (again see picture above). Be sure to use plenty of self taping screws across the frame. Last you will need to cut and fit the aluminum flashing to run down each side of the ceiling and wall. We did run silicone along the flashing to again make it air tight. I chose to stain and seal all of the ply wood with a darker stain to hide dirt and dust.

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